This blog will be a reflection of my experiences this summer and beyond, as I strengthen my PLN and discover new Web 2.0 tools that will engage my students in authentic learning experiences. Also, this blog will be used as my portfolio - a collection of created "products" - as I explore different online tools and activities. Through technology, we have the opportunity to connect and communicate with individuals from all over the world. My hope is that this blog will develop into a resource and inspiration for other educators.

Friday, July 15, 2011

MyFakeWall :)

After my exploration, I created a list of various tools I could implement in my classroom, which would give my students the opportunity to “create” on the web.  Some of the tools found in my post Imagine & Create are tools I have used in the past and will continue to use.  When introducing new tools to my students, I want to be sure there is a definite purpose for the activity.  The tools are excellent, but I do not want to use them just to "use them".  There needs to be more.  I also do not want to introduce a new tool every activity, but at the same time allow my students to explore new tools, if they wish!  My goal for next year is to introduce my 4th graders to around 10 tools that will give them the opportunity to ‘create.’  Hopefully, when given a project my students will have a ‘box of tools’ they can fallback on in the future, after meaningful, authentic practice and creations with these tools.

Beginning of the Year:
  •  All of my incoming 4th graders have had practice with Glogster, and I intend to begin the school year with creating an “All about Me” glog. I will encourage them to add videos and music, which are aspects of Glogster that my students may be unfamiliar with (after talking with previous teachers).
  • Through Glogster and blogging, I will teach my students how to write good comments and incorporate a “critical friends” piece.  Below is a great video to use for writing a good comment:
  • ·         We start the year with a social studies unit on Harrisburg, our state capital.  During our unit, I will incorporate a project using Prezi (a tool some have experience with) and also include new options: 280Slides and Google presentation.  My students will choose various places (cities or landmarks) in Pennsylvania to research, using GoogleDocs to collaborate and create a presentation.
My New "Create" Project:
On my previous post, I marked the specific tools I have used in the classroom - along with NEW tools I hope to implement next year! I have many ideas, but wanted to focus on one specifically for my project:

·         Each year we are expected to teach our students about famous Pennsylvanians, during the extensive study of our state. This becomes a challenge, when trying to ‘cover’ an entire state’s history, places, people, events, natural resources, regions, industries… For my project last year my students had the opportunity to choose anything from famous places, famous people, explorers, or Native American groups for their project.  The students became the experts on their topic.  For their presentation, they had the ability to choose between Prezi, Glogster, PowerPoint, and Google Presentation.  Well…they all chose Prezi.  This year, I plan on separating PA's famous places and people into two projects.  My students have used their blogs to learn new facts and gather information from other people around the world & GoogleDocs as a collaboration tool. I plan on using similar methods this year – however, my students are going to create a fake Facebook profile page belonging to their famous Pennsylvanian.  Here is a link to an example of Ben Franklin's page, who happens to be from PA! 

I am super excited about this project and cannot wait to post my students’ work! :)

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